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Faxplus - Your leading solution for online faxing. Save time and money. Get FREE faxes delivered to your email inbox now!

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How digital faxing with FaxPlus can help you

Online faxing with FaxPlus is a more effective alternative to the traditional, expensive fax lines offered by telecommunication providers today. Save money by eliminating the need for ink and toner cartridges, fax paper as well as the heavy expenses of repair. Not only does it reduces costs, the convenience of being able to receive your faxes via email anywhere, any time is an invaluable benefit.

When signing up with FaxPlus, there is NO NEED to buy or download any new software. Receive and send faxes straight to your email via your laptop, desktop pc, smart phone, tablet, or any device that can access the web. 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Because all your faxes are online, it’s simple to view, forward and print your faxes at the touch of a button.

FaxPlus is saving the environment, YOU can too

One of the ways digital faxing helps our planet, is by reducing paper usage. Fax machine’s consume up to 200 billion pages of paper every year in the United States alone. Businesses and individuals are facing the challenge and going GREEN. Lights have gone halogen, cars have gone hybrid and now the dated fax machines have gone digital as well as green with the fax to email online solution. Save money on your bottom line and increase your efforts to become more environmentally friendly with fax-to email.

FaxPlus – The Fax to Email Solution

FaxPlus is widely acknowledged as the leading digital fax to email solution across South Africa. Send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world to your own email inbox by registering for a free fax number today.

Easy Registration

With FaxPlus there is no more waiting. With our easy registration form you can get a unique FREE fax number!

Easy To Use

No more outdated fax machines, no more landlines!

Archive Faxes

Archive all the faxes you have ever sent where they can be easily retrieved for future reference.

Fax from Anywhere

FaxPlus allows you to send and receive faxes anywhere in the world!

Receive FREE faxes

Receiving of faxes are completely FREE of charge and always will be.

Fast Reliable Delivery

Fax transmissions are faster and more reliable than they have ever been.


FaxPlus pride themselves on  Exellent, Quality and Professional support.

Fax Encryption

All faxes are secure and private with our fax encryption.

Green Solution

FaxPlus provides you with a Green Solution to all your paper problems.

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