Camscanner – Scan and Send Documents From Your Phone

Welcome to a brand new year and new opportunities for streamlining your life!

 As we race ahead into 2014 we will be on the lookout for new technology and solutions that can assist you and your business in doing things faster and smarter.


Consider Camscanner for Android and iPhone. This app now effectively turns your smartphone into a portable document scanner. In our constant effort to go paperless and portable, this handy little application is clearing out the clutter. By using the camera on your phone, Camscanner can take a snapshot of your document and offer you an opportunity to make adjustments, to store or to share the document. Used in conjunction with Faxplus this could be the easiest way ever to send and receive those vital documents in a secure digital format.

So how could you use Camscanner to scan your document and them send them as a online fax using Faxplus?


1. The first step would be to download the app from your smartphone App Store.

CamScanner comes in two versions a free and paid version – which means you can try it out first, at no cost, just visit the app store on your smartphone and search for ‘Camscanner’ to download.

2. Access the app once downloaded and proceed to ‘New From Camera’.



Take a photo of your document using the automated capture settings (automatic flash, automatic image trimming and high enhance mode) the app will use the smartphone’s built-in flash to achieve the proper lighting level. CamScanner detects edges but also allows for manual fine-tuning with zoom functions and a crosshair cursor.

3. Once you have capture the document, you can name and tag the document to quickly find it in the future, export it to PDF format, or combine it with other scans to create a multi-page PDF document.

4. The next step would then to use the ‘Send’ option included in the app and choose the ‘mail’ or ‘gmail’ option. Now that it is attached to your email and you would like to send it to a fax number, you can subscribe to our Faxout service and send your fax by typing the number you are sending in the ‘To:’ field like this – type the recipient’s fax number followed by Example:

Now simply press, Send!

Possibly the easiest and fastest way to send a fax today and completely mobile, all you need is your phone and access to the internet. For more information or to register for your own free fax to email account, simply contact