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Have a few questions? We've got answers!

Feel free to go through our FAQ's to find what it is you might be having trouble with.

Service Questions

Is receiving faxes via the free fax to email service really free? Will it stay a FREE Service?

If you choose to sign up for a FaxPlus number (086xxxxx) you will NOT pay anything for this number.  There are no setup costs and no monthly subscriptions for you to use this free Internet fax receiving service.  This fax to email service will remain FREE to receive unlimited incoming fax to email.  There is also no limit to the number and size of faxes you can receive through this free electronic fax service for incoming mail.

Is sending faxes through email also free?  Can I send free faxes from my computer?

FaxOut is available on FaxPlus, but this fax out service is NOT FREE. For this fax out service, you need to purchase credits. It is an easy process. Login, and follow the procedure on screen in order to send faxes from your computer. Click here to view the FaxOut rates.

If I change my email address can I keep my existing fax number and how do I change the delivery email address for my faxes?

You can keep your existing fax number and change the recipient email address linked to it.  Just follow the steps to login, then click on “account”, and then “my details” and change your email address and username on your account page to your new email address and click save. Once this has been done, all faxes sent to your FaxPlus fax to email number will be delivered to your new email address inbox. Please  contact our support desk for further assistance if required.

Are my faxes archived onto a Server, and for how long?

All of your faxes are archived on our server for a period of 5 years, and can be accessed from our “login” section on our website.

Why is it free to receive faxes?

The FaxPlus free fax to email service is free to you, the end user. That is because FaxPlus earns revenue through a rebate system from Telkom for calls made and faxes sent to the allocated FaxPlus numbers. This revenue is sufficient for FaxPlus to support this free fax to email service at no charge to the end user, yet still delivering a corporate level excellent faxing solution.

If I take a 086xxxxx Faxplus fax to email number and don’t use it, will it remain available?

No. FaxPlus reserves the right to reclaim a number if there has been no usage for three months.  You will receive a warning email prior to a number being reclaimed. As long as you receive at least one fax every 60 – 90 days, the fax to email number will remain yours.

How many Fax Numbers can I have?

You can have one fax number per email address.  This means that if you have multiple email accounts, you can have multiple fax numbers. If you are working in an office environment, each staff member with an email address can have their own free fax number.

How long do I have to wait for a fax number?

As soon as you complete the signup process, the free fax number is allocated and activated once you have confirmed your email address.  Then you are immediately ready to receive faxes on your new free fax to email number from FaxPlus.

How much does it cost for the person sending a fax?

Faxes that are made to your FaxPlus 086xxxxxxxxx numbers from Telkom lines are charged at R1.82 a minute by Telkom.  This charge is reflected on the SENDERS telephone bill.

How will senders fax me? Is there any difference?

There is no difference to the sender at all.  The dialling procedure is exactly the same as if the sender were sending a fax to a standard land based fax machine, there is no need to insert any area codes, just the fax to email number as it stands. The only difference is the cost of the fax for the sender.

Will I be charged for a failed fax?

You will not incur a charge should your fax fail to connect with the responding fax machine. However, should a connection be made and an error occurs during transmission, you will be charged per minute for the connection period.

RECEIVING the fax INCURS NO COST, and will NOT be billed for their free faxes in any way.

Can a fax number deliver faxes to more than one email address?

Yes, you can have your faxes delivered to more than one recipient email addresses. Please contact: support@faxplus.co.za  and our support consultants will set this up for you.

Support Questions

How do I Login to look at my faxes on your website if my email is down?

You can login here to access your account and view your faxes at any time.  or Press the login button on the top of our website page, and follow the instructions.

Can I forward via an email message, a received fax?

Yes, absolutely.  once you have received a fax, you can then just forward your fax to any email addresses.

I have forgotten my password. How do I login?

Click on the login button, then select “lost password” button.  You will then be prompted to enter your email address, and a “password reset” mail will be sent to you.

What file format will my faxes be delivered in?

Your faxes will be default be delivered in a pdf format.  If you do not have a pdf reader, you can download one from www.adobe.com.  You can change your receiving format to TIFF images by logging in through the login section.

How do I send faxes from my email?

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to send faxes from your email.

If someone from overseas would like to send me a fax, how do they dial my FaxPlus number?

Your sender may dial your FaxPlus number in one of two ways to send you a fax. They can dial +2786XXXXXXX or they may dial 002786xxxxxxx