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FaxOut - Rates

Simply purchase FaxOut credits and the world is a click away.


Costs to send a fax with FaxPlus.

The FaxPlus fax to Email solution (receiving of faxes) is completely free of charge. We also offer a Value Added Service called FaxOut that will enable you to send faxes from your computer.
Here are the  FaxOut Rates.
Updated January 2014  (All prices Include 14% VAT)

Calls to South-African Landline Numbers
Local and National R 0,68 per minute or R1,21 per page.

Calls to Fax to Email numbers
086/087/085 R1.71  per minute or R3,02 per page.

Fax Calls to Mobile Networks
MTN, Vodacom, CellC, 8ta  R2,40 per minute or R4,25 per page.

International Rates:

Charges are billed on a per minute or part thereof basis, whether there are retries, failed attempts or successful delivery of faxes.

Quoted rates may be amended without notice – the latest applicable rates will be published here.

Quoted rates include VAT

FaxOut services are only available to registered users of FaxFX Fax-to-Email or Fax-to-Email solutions that are “Powered by FaxFX”.

Users of FaxOut services are forbidden to use this facility for spam, unsolicited communications, illegal and/or fraudulent communications/transactions or any other action that may be deemed illegal or dishonest and that is in contravention to any applicable South African Laws and/or that may bring the name/brand of this service into disrepute or cause it harm in any other manner whatsoever. Users who are deemed guilty of any of the aforementioned stipulations will be reported to the relevant authorities – Fax Effects (Pty) Ltd t/a FaxFX rights remain strictly reserved.”