Just The Fax Your Honour

For many organisations, faxing remains an integral part of their day to day operation. Outdated faxing methods do however have some serious drawbacks. As the Bank of Scotland recently discovered when they were fined £75 000 by The Information Commissioners Office after sending sensitive, personal customer information to the wrong fax number for 3 years.

The fax machines the Bank were using were too old to be pre-programmed and the ICO felt they Bank was negligent in not keeping up to date with the latest technology to ensure information security.

Although this is an extreme example, it true for every business owner that to stay on track but ahead of the curve, we need to make sure the methods we use to run our organisation are up to date and efficient.

Online Faxing has a number of benefits in comparison to traditional faxing. Staff can now fax anything safely, reliably and more importantly, to the correct fax number. Electronic documents are easier to store and easier to recall for referencing.

Dispensing with the need for ink and paper as well as environmentally unfriendly components, such as cartridges – Digital faxing can also benefit your corporate ‘Green’ strategy.

So if your organisation needs a fast and efficient method to send and receive documentation, conider digital, online faxing and join the revolution!