Leading Industries Still Rely on Faxing

Many key industries, including the legal field, medicine and insurance still crucially rely on the use of faxing to send and receive vital documents. For all our digital advancement, it appears there is still a place for faxing.

Government and other public agencies are dependent on sending and receiving faxed documents for internal use and communication. Faxing is a common method for businesses and the public to communicate with government in order for them to complete forms and provide additional supporting documents. Some government departments accept faxes for official filings without requiring the original documents to be mailed.

Banks and commercial organisations also need to provide ongoing document deliver services to all customer who may not be comfortable yet with digital technology but need to keep up to date themselves – online faxing can assist with this.

The fax is popular among those who have a high regard for security and privacy. As news of computer and email hacking become more common, many are opting for encrypted data sent via faxing instead. The stats speak for themselves as the number of faxes sent each year still reach into the billions.

Fax-to-email provides the best of both worlds as it is a faxing solution that allows for secure information to be sent via a digital route to safely and securely reach its destination.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you and your company should consider online faxing for your document transfer needs.