The Business Idea – Finding Inspiration

Everyone dreams of finding one idea that will change everything. The truth is, we never know exactly when inspiration will strike!

Many seemingly crazy business ideas have turned out to be incredibly successful.

The likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates or Steve Jobs however make us think that genius is a key ingredient and also that, entrepreneurial brilliance only strikes at a young age. The truth is the majority of entrepreneurs are middle-aged and have used their experience and simple, everyday inspiration to invent a product or service into a business.

Ideas are often start out as solutions to problems you may encounter during your everyday life.

Take Charlie Strite for example. He was really angry – he was really angry that the office cafeteria where he worked, continually burnt his toast!

Although electric toasters had been invented, they still required human intervention to ensure the toast didn’t burn or that the toaster never caught fire. Toasting bread was a hazardous affair! Fortunately Strite was an engineer and determined to find a solution to his pet peeve. So although Charlie Strite never invented the electric toaster, he did invent the ‘pop-up’ toaster, which not only solved his burnt toast problem but also made him a fair fortune.

This is of course not an isolated anecdote. Stories like this happen everyday around the world to would-be entrepreneurs. The trick is to be on the look out for when situation and opportunities arise.

So here are some tips about finding that next big idea.

1. Be attentive – inspiration may arise at anytime! Keep your eyes and ears open.

2. Start where you are – Have a look at your own life or workplace and find ideas in the things you deal with on a daily basis

3. Follow through on what you care about – It takes a great deal of time and energy to create or promote a business idea. Choose something you have a sustained interest in, or a passion for, to get you that much closer to success.

4. Don’t try too hard – Everyone know ideas will often come to you when you’re busy doing something else. Your subconscious mind is the source of creative problem solving abilities. Sometimes it helps to do something that requires very little concious effort, like running, washing the dishes or even taking a shower. For example, Steven Spielberg is known to have said, he’s gotten some of his best ideas while driving!

So inspiration is everywhere, pay attention but also, be patient – your next great business idea is on its way!