The Fax Is Still ALIVE!

Fax has long been established as an international communications medium. Even now, well into the Internet age, sending and receiving documents via fax is still recognized as the universal standard for document transfer in the business world. Internet-based services such as FaxPlus have made it easier and more convenient to facilitate the transfer of faxes into digital documents we can use in our daily working life.

 Industries like finance, law, and healthcare rely heavily on the use of fax technology. For security and legal purposes, this is often still the preferred method. While faxing remains popular, it has continued to evolve over the years. Just like the telephone, faxing has become mobile, connected and increasingly convenient.

 Fax users are no longer locked to a location by a landline, you can send and receive an electronic fax from from virtually anywhere. You are also able to access your faxes on multiple devices ranging from your desktop computer to your mobile phone. Now hard copies can be printed only when necessary. Storing digital faxes online or on your hard drive has offered a perfect storage solution to for all those vital documents.

 Reducing paper waste has meant that this is also the greener solution for a culture increasingly concerned with conserving and maintaining the world around us. Only print what you need and store the rest digitally. No messy, wasteful ink cartridges or toners.

Best of all, fax services such as FaxPlus offer you a FREE service to receive faxes straight to your email inbox which will save the cost of having to rent an additional telephone line.

 With all these benefits, faxing will certainly be around for many years to come!