When To Use Online Faxing Instead of Email

There are many reasons why faxing is still relevant in our technology-driven world.

One important reason pertains to legality. For example, in many countries you can legally fax a handwritten signature – while using digital signatures often doesn’t share the same “validity”

It’s not uncommon for some businesses or industries to need to submit signed documents to dozens of different regulatory agencies, including government, insurance and banks.

Attempting to send an authenticated email can often prove a complicated process. For many professionals, it’s often easier to just send a secure fax.

Another problem is how difficult it is to access documents. Using a fax, you can easily send handwritten notes, or edit documents and underline it by hand. On computer such “simple” things are a bit more complicated. Most office workers aren’t as used to interfacing with computers as they are to interfacing with a pencil or pen. Also,a computer mouse is difficult to use for drawing, or handwritten changes and graphic tablets aren’t often a part of standard office computer.

There are clearly a number of reasons where a fax is far more convenient than just an email and thanks to digital faxing, there is no longer a need to have additional, expensive, outmoded equipment. You can receive a fax to your email inbox completely FREE and access it from anywhere. With our Faxout facility you can even SEND a fax straight from your computer to any mobile device or fax machine around the world.

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