Why is online faxing becoming the new global standard?

Fax users are able to send and receive faxes via email due to the online fax service technology converting traditional fax transmissions into a digital format. The online fax service is a more effective alternative to the normal expensive fax lines from local telecommunication companies for any individual for personal or business use. There has been a huge increase in productivity in businesses worldwide who are now using this online fax to email solution, as it reduces costs, its availability of being able to receive faxes anywhere in the world via email and ultimately giving better control of communication with their customers. Plus the fact that it helps the environment by reducing paper usage. If you think about how many faxes are sent every day around the world, and realise how many people actually need to have each and every fax printed on the old traditional fax system, you realise how much paper and resources are wasted. With global warming affecting the environment around us, all businesses and individuals are going green. Lights have gone halogen, and cars have gone hybrid, and the dated fax machines have gone digital through the fax to email web based services available on the internet.

Government research has stated that fax machine’s consume up to 200 billion pages of paper every year in the United States alone. If only five percent of this was done paperless, it can save up to 1 million trees a year! Online fax to email obviously saves your home and business money, by no longer needing ink and toner cartridges and fax paper for an old fax machines, nor will you have the expenses of technicians coming to repair your fax machine. There are so many reasons why it is the new standard from the fact that you can forward your faxes to multiple clients and contacts via the new online fax to email solution by just a few simple clicks of your mouse. The fax numbers are never busy, therefore your staff or you never waste time resending faxes or waiting for a free line to send a fax. You can get detailed fax logs from your online fax platform. When signing up for these services, you will never need to buy or download any kinds of software. Faxing online is secure, due to faxes that you send out being encrypted to ensure that it is secure and will arrives safely to its sender. Each online fax to email service has its own unique security features, but they are all deigned for one purpose, to make sure that your faxes go through to the sender without any fear of them being picked up by unknown parties.
These are just a few of the benefits of why everyone around the world is going fax to email.