The Paperless Pledge – Are You In?

Google is encouraging its users to go paper-free and save themselves time, money as well as trees. Through the initiative known as the ‘Paperless Coalition’, Google Drive and other organisations have joined together to sponsor a campaign to “remove the need for paper from your paperwork“. Other big names that are backing this initiative are Xero, Fujitsu, Mailla and HelloSign.

The concept of the paperless office has always seemed like a good idea but one that seems hard to achieve. Let’s make no bones about it, over the past few hundred years we’ve become addicted to paper. The average office worker in the US uses approximately 10 000 sheets of paper per year.

However, with the advent of services like digital faxing and electronic signatures the paperless future seems to be moving toward us. The organisers say, “For the first time, it’s easy to sign, fax, and store documents without ever printing a piece of paper. It’s finally fast and simple to complete paperwork and expense reports, to manage accounting, pay bills and invoice others. The paperless office is here – we just need to use it.”

It seems there are a number of reasons businesses today are signing up for the push toward a paperless office, it’s not just about the environment anymore. The modern office space is changing rapidly, with many employees increasingly mobile and widely dispersed. Because people are no longer fixed in place it seems documentation has also had to adapt and become increasingly mobile and more readily available.

Business leaders like Jim Secord, the CEO of Kashoo say, “We’re a virtual office. We have people spread all over, so it’s absolutely critical to have a paperless system because there’s not that centralized area where everyone can go and look at documents.”

As a new and younger workforce who have grown up with mobile technology come to the helm, we may see a drastic reduction in the use of paper for business purposes. To this generation, fax machines are already viewed as quaint and antiquated technology. The paperless revolution may already be here.

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